When You Get


  • The puppy has been dewormed and vaccinated according to the national recommendations, identification marked with a chip.
  • Export Pedigree or Puppy Card (buyers from Ukraine), registration papers and has a valid health certificate.
  • Booklet «Welcome Puppy» with recommendations our breeders.
  • Food for the first few days at home.
  • Life-long support from «SAA KNL».

to us very


…that the puppy will have a
new good, permanent home
with caring and loving family.
Feel free to contact us if
have any questions.

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Our Requirements

For Buyers

Next few months the puppy should not be alone for a long time. Before being left home alone, the pet should become known in its new home, be feel safe.

You must be able to give your dog quality food, vaccination, veterinary care when needed.

The pet must be socialized and trained. We recommend that the new owners attend puppy classes and, preferably, advanced courses with the dog. This has to do with the socialization with other dogs and people as well that dog and owner gets a good starting point for a good working relationship. You must learn to handle the stubbornness and self assuredness in the dog for happy everyday life.